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SARL SOIP AUTO is one of the exclusive representatives of the German company DAS LAGER, auto and industrial bearing manufacturer.
SARL SOIP AUTO is the importer and exclusive distributor of DAS LAGER in Algeria. So it is a representation and exclusive distribution contract that binds with AUTO SOIP and DAS LAGER.
SARL AUTO SOIP creates and coordinates the distribution network for the whole of the national territory.
It is bound by a contract of several years, defined by the manufacturer who grants him the right to represent its brand in Algeria. DAS LAGER partner, SARL AUTO SOIP features thousands of original bearings and guaranteed, at unbeatable prices.
Serving customers since 1992, SARL SOIP AUTO has established itself as a leader in the distribution and import of automotive parts in Algeria.
This website makes available to individual and professional, helpful information about spare parts and today the bearings for automotive and industry. So you will find in the pages of our website or by request to our e-mail:
- Available products (or order) in our store;
- Characteristics of various bearings.
Our products
In addition to a wide range of automotive spare parts for most makes of vehicles, SOIP AUTO has integrated its products a large range of world famous German brand bearings: DAS LAGER.
On the page dedicated to the bearings, you can have all the information for the majority of bearings available in stores. A simple email is enough to get an immediate response. Our range of bearings is growing day by day to meet the demand of our customers.
Our bearings are classified into several different categories which all have their specific characteristics and which are each adapted to different applications (automotive or industrial).
Standard or ball bearings
The ball bearings are the most common and most standard bearings. Present in countless applications, they each have specific characteristics and appropriate use
Automotive and industrial bearings
The majority of our business is based on sales of bearings for the automotive industry. New in general, the cars all have specific bearings and are available in stores. Automobile, all kinds of bearings are used. Our activity; in addition to spare parts for major brands, develops around these bearings we are increasingly requested. Even industry has its place in this range. Industrial bearings of all sizes are available or the order with SOIP AUTO.






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